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Stop using bottled water, solve hard water problems
and eliminate running costs and maintenance.

Our household water is used regularly for drinking, cooking, cleaning, showering and watering our plants, so in essence the quality of our water has a big impact on our lives. This water is not free from impurities which can not only effect our quality of living but actually negatively impact our bodies.

No more bottled water! The VWP Water Processorâ„¢ and patented design, does not use any power, chemicals or additives and there are no replacement parts or waste. Your pets and plants will benefit from the revitalized mineral rich water and all drainage water that has passed through the processor will be sent into nature in a cleaner form. In addition, your output and water usage will be greatly reduced.

Install it yourself, without the cost of a plumber! In a short time, your water will become soft and silky, taste and smell better and your skin will not feel dried out after a bath or shower; less need for body lotions and creams. Also when a household has soft water, you will only need to use half the amount of washing detergent and other cleaning products. Your clothes will become softer, pets and plants healthier and you will be saving energy costs.