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The VWP Technology
A new innovative water processing technology
from Sweden.

The VWP Water Processor™ ionizes the water using a special frequency resonance technology. This powerful ionization process releases electrons from the water molecules which neutralizes impurities such as iron, copper, nitrate, nitrite, and manganese. The lime (calcium oxide) in the water becomes crystallized, eliminating scaling and deposits. Also, older deposits will dissolve and the water will become “soft” without removing the vital minerals. The pH of the water is balanced to 7.4 - 7.6 and if chlorine is present in the water, it will be reduced to a harmless level.

The result is a "revitalized” water where the normal pH and natural properies of the water are restored; like being self cleaning. In addition, because it still retains the healthy minerals and elements, which in crystallized form is easier to absorb, makes for an exceptional source of nutrition for humans, pets, plants and fish.

Brussels Eureka

The VWP Technology, invented by Ewa Nilemark, won a Silver Medal at the Eureka International Innovation Contest in 1998. The renowned international Eureka contest brings together delegations from more than 25 countries to present their patented inventions and new ideas and is first and foremost a propitious place for professional exchanges with energy being the star player.

US Patent No: US D424,157
VWP Unitvwp 3d pic